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10 Strange and Bizarre Uses for Garlic

Garlic is an ingredient with powerful properties that can help you treat many health or beauty problems. In this article we present you 10 uses of garlic that you have never thought about.

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  1. It cleanses your skin

Prepare a paste by mincing some garlic together with olive oil, sugar and facial cleanser and apply it on your skin. Massage gently for several minutes, then remove the remedy off with warm water.

  1. It treats the cold sore

Split a garlic clover in two and apply one half on the cold sore, leaving it action for several minutes. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times every day until the cold sore has gone.

  1. It helps you lose weight

Among its many properties, garlic has the capacity to give you the sensation of satiety and stimulate your metabolism to the point in which it increases the fat and calorie burning process.

  1. It can cure acne

Divide a garlic clove and apply one half on your pimples, rubbing gently. Repeat the process on a regular basis in order to eliminate bacteria and clear your skin.

  1. It eliminates parasites

You can now say goodbye to those awful intestinal parasites that may bother you. By following a diet which includes the consumption of honey, carrots, pumpkin, lemon juice and several cloves of garlic every day, you can have a cleaner colon.

  1. It keeps your Athlete’s foot clean

Due to its anti-fungal properties, garlic can prevent the irritation and itchiness of your athlete’s foot. Just soak your feet for about half an hour in a mixture of warm water and crushed garlic cloves and you will notice the results after several repetitions.

  1. It can be used as a pesticide

Soak three minced garlic cloves in 2 tbsp of mineral oil and let it sit for a day. Eventually, strain the mixture and combine the resulting oil with a tsp of liquid soap and a pint of water, then pour the remedy in a spray bottle. The pesticide is ready to protect your plants!

  1. It treats the ear infections

The antibacterial properties of garlic can help you treat those uncomfortable ear infections. Here’s how:

Soak some crushed garlic in one tsp of olive oil for several minutes, then strain the mixture and let it cool down. Pour several drops into the ear canal and let it action for several minutes.

  1. It can treat your cough

In a bowl add a cup of water, honey, ¼ pound of garlic cloves and sugar and let the mixture boil. When it is tepid, drink the resulting remedy. Alternatively, you can prepare some garlic tea by adding a garlic clove in a cup of water.

  1. It acts like an aphrodisiac

It is true that sensing the garlic smell in your partner’s breathe is not very helpful when it comes for romantic moments. However, garlic has a very long history that makes it a very good aphrodisiac if consumed with regularity. Scientists have reached the conclusion that this happens because of its capacity of stimulating blood circulation.

10 Strange and Bizarre Uses for Garlic

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