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4 Warning Signs You May Have Clogged Arteries and How to Unclog Them The Natural Way!

Heart diseases are one of the most common category of disorders that are encountered among people all over the world. Apart from the treatments that people receive, one important step in curing this health-related problem is prevention, by this meaning early diagnosis. Fortunately, there are several signs that one can notice and that could determine you to ask yourself if you suffer from clogged arteries or not.

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1. Calf pain
Also called claudication, calf pain can be a sign of clogged arteries. This is generally due to atherosclerosis, which blocks your arteries, slowing the blood circulation and causing an imbalance in the blood pressure levels. Doctors recommend you to include in your diet more vegetables, reduce the meat consumption and do some physical exercising. Apart from these recommendations, a medical treatment can be prescribed as well, depending on the stage of the disease.

2. Baldness
Recent studies have shown that a great number of men who presented baldness also suffered from CHD (coronary heart disease). The same results were achieved after a study made on women with severe baldness: a high risk of heart disease.

3. Ear crease
As strange as it may seem, if you have an ear crease, an angled crease which spreads form the canal to the lower part of your lobe, you should seriously consider visiting a specialist. The most common cause of the ear crease is poor blood circulation. Even if the specialists’ opinions regarding this matter are shared, the best thing you should do is to consult a doctor, in order to establish the real cause of this problem.

4. Erectile dysfunction
Another symptom of an existing heart disease could be the difficulty or impossibility to achieve erection. There is a marge of 3 years since the erectile dysfunction is installed until the coronary heart disease can be diagnosed, which is a good reason to consult a doctor in order to see if you are a suspect of heart disease or not.
Before visiting your doctor, you need to check the levels of your cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose, which should be different than the usual ones. In this sense the doctor will recommend you to do different tests, in order to find out what caused these symptoms and if you suffer from a heart disease.

4 Warning Signs You May Have Clogged Arteries and How to Unclog Them The Natural Way!

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