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5 Healthy Recipes to Help Combat Diabetes

Diabetes has become a very common disease in the modern society which, depending on the stage, can or cannot be prevented. Either way, specialist advise their patients to follow certain eating plans, with a very strict purpose: control the disease. This is the very reason why there are certain foods that diabetics must consume. We recommend you several ingredients that can help you a lot in dealing with your disease.

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  1. Pecan Bread, chocolate chip and cranberries

This recipe is very beneficial for your health because it keeps you away from carbohydrates and sugar.  They are replaced by coconut flour and flax seeds.

  1. Mac-and-Cheese, Tomato and Broccoli

As strange as it may seem, Mac-and-Cheese can be consumed without worries. The low-fat cheese and the skim-milk used to prepare this dish are appropriate for your disease. In addition, you can also prepare some roasted broccoli and put aside some tomato sauce. This combination will help you a lot.

  1. Boiled egg, avocado, mustard and dill on a whole-wheat muffin

For breakfast we have the perfect dish for you, rich in nutrients and vitamins. Slice an avocado, a boiled egg and a dill and place the slices on a whole-wheat muffin. On top, add some mustard. You will love the taste!

  1. Chicken salad

Salads are the main dish recommended for people suffering from diabetes. Vegetables offer them plenty of nutrients to support their system and fight against the disease. You can add a source of proteins to your usual salad – chicken. Consume it with cucumber, pistachios, tomatoes and season the salad with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, pepper and salt.

  1. Halibut, Scallion Kebabs and Mushrooms, served with brown rice, covered in Cilantro Sauce

Halibut is an appropriate ingredient for your diabetes eating plan due to its high levels of protein. Combine it with scallions and mushrooms and you will enjoy the flavor a lot.

5 Healthy Recipes to Help Combat Diabetes

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