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Most Amazing Lung Health Boosting Herbs You Didn’t Know About!

We live in an era in which the atmosphere is more polluted than ever. Thanks to this, people have to face serious respiratory problems which eventually turn into severe diseases, quite difficult to cure. Bronchitis, asthma or lung cancer are only a few of those serious diseases that the air pollution can cause without people even noticing when all these happened.

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When we talk about the respiratory system, we implicitly must talk about the lungs, which are the main organ that helps us breathe. If they are damaged, our entire system is damaged too. But on the contrary, if they are healthy and strong, they are able to provide our body and other organs with the oxygen they so much need.

Apart from pollution, there are other factors that can weaken and harm your lungs, among which we remind a life poor in physical exercises or  an eating plan scarce in vitamins and minerals.

The good news is that there are other ways of protecting your lungs and make them stronger and healthier than antibiotics or other medication. You can improve their condition by consuming a series of herbs which have proven to be very effective.


Due to the fact that it is an aromatic plant, sage can refresh your respiratory tract instantly. In addition, its high levels of camphor, salvene and tarpene make it possible for your sinuses to stay clear and your lungs strong. You can either prepare some tea or inhale the steams of a mixture prepared with sage and boiled water. It will cure your nasal congestion or your sore throat immediately.


Oregano provides your system with many minerals and enzymes in order to improve your immune system and clear your respiratory tract. You can get read of seasonal respiratory problems in a very simple manner:  with oregano oil.


As the name suggests, lungwort has lung shape leaves. Coincidence or not, it helps your respiratory system to stay healthy and treat problems such as asthma, lung cancer, congestion or bronchitis.

Licorice root

Licorice has anti-viral and antibacterial properties, which make it a good ingredient in fighting the irritation, the soar throat or the inflammations caused by the free radicals. It manages to do all these, by softening and soothing the mucus that prevents you from breathing properly and by strengthening your immune system.


Both the flowers and the leaves of this plant can be used to prepare some tea, which should be drunk in order to treat respiratory problems.  It can successfully remove the mucus that prevents you from breathing well and strengthen your lungs in order to provide the other organs with the necessary amount of oxygen.


This plant’s extract softens the mucus, reducing the respiratory congestion and releases epinephrine, smoothing the respiratory tract and clearing the sinuses. Consumed with regularity, you can forget about respiratory issues in a short period of time.

Plantain leaf

The fruit of this plant, which is very similar to banana, has the capacity of clearing your lungs from mucus or impurities and treat or prevent respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, lung inflammations and irritations or coughs.


This herb well known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties can help you get rid of that sore throat and cold very fast. It is rich in antioxidants that reduce the inflammations and relieve the irritations, when consumed as a tincture. A guaranteed success.


Cannabis contains cannabinoid essential oil, which is a very powerful substance that cleans your mouth of impurities and opens your sinuses and respiratory tract, for you to inspire fresh oxygen. It is the perfect remedy against asthma.


Eucalyptus has many benefits for the health of your lungs: its aroma refreshes and treats the sore throat, the cineole content softens the mucus, whereas the antioxidants improve your immunity and combat the cold and the coughs.


It has been used in America for a long time with the exclusive purpose of strengthening people’s lungs. By removing the mucus attached to your lungs and respiratory tract, it reduces the risk of other respiratory disease such as coughs, asthma or bronchitis. The best way to take this herb is as a tincture, dissolved in water or milk.


Peppermint is rich in nutritive oils which can treat diseases in their advanced stage. You can do this by placing on your chest therapeutic balms, which will eliminate the mucus and allow you to breathe properly.


Thyme is a very good antiseptic with anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. By consuming it as a tea you can treat your respiratory problems (pneumonia, chest congestion or asthma) in a matter of days.

Osha root

The many nutrients this root contains, camphor included, determine this plant to boost your blood circulation at the lung level and, therefore, helps you breathe better and prevent other respiratory complications.

Most Amazing Lung Health Boosting Herbs You Didn’t Know About!

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