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How to Detox Through Your Feet

Feet detox can really help your general health, because you stimulate the toxin elimination process without having to keep a diet. From time to time, detox your feet at home with simple ingredients.

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Ionic detox feet bath

Ionic baths are very effective in flushing out the harmful toxins from your system. They ionize the warm water, alternating its polarities, which determine the toxins to get out of your body through your feet. In addition, you can inhale the steams resulting from this bath. They can stimulate even more the process.

Feet detox pads

Food pads are a great way of detoxing your body. Just apply them before bedtime and leave them action overnight. When you will remove them in the morning, their colour will have changed from white into dark. This means that they absorbed the toxins from your body during the whole night.

How to Detox Through Your Feet

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